Northern Federation

Our Learning

Please take a look at the galleries on this page that capture just some of the learning our children have been engaging in

Year 3 Stone age day!

Our children had a wonderful time dressing up as people from the stone age. They spent the day learning about where numbers originated from, creating jewellery, building models of Stonehenge and trying their hand at some spear throwing. In the afternoon the children were really looking forward to a campfire and shelter building but the rain was not on our side! The children can look forward to a campfire later in the term when we have some fairer weather. 


Year 4 & 5 Visits to Fairthorne Manor

We were lucky enough to be able to take our children on day visits to Fairthorne Manor. The children had lots of chances to think about their teamwork and communication and many faced some fears. The children demonstrated fantastic respect throughout the day. The slideshows below are just a snapshot of the joy the visits brought!



Year 5 Spring poetry 

Year 5 have taken inspiration from their surroundings to create acrostic poems all about Spring. They used water colour to create images to go with their published poems. They have even recorded themselves reading their poems aloud! 


 Year 1 Tour of London 

Year 1 were set a challenge from the Queen, to create a tour of London for some very important visitors. Using their relationship skills they created models of landmarks and then took on the role of tour guides, using their London Tour Books to provide visitors with interesting and amazing facts about London!




Year R - Pirates!

Pirates have been visiting our Year R pupils! Captain Stubble has tasked them to find treasure, solve mysteries and help the Pirate Dinosaur learn how to be respectful! After making maps, posters and writing letters, our pirate recruits took the telescopes out to watch Captain Stubble leave the harbour on his next adventure!



Year 1 - Dt Biscuit design

Year 1 learnt all about food sources, thinking carefully about produce we can grow from a plant, or gather from an animal. They then designed their own snowman themed biscuits, thinking carefully about best suited decorations! They had lots of fun making the biscuit dough and decorating their biscuits. They look delicious and they didnt last long before they were gobbled up!



Year 2 London's Burning

Year 2 pupils have also been working on printing, using three colours overlaid to create a 3D effect. They then created a skyline silhouette to place over their prints. The children studied the paintings of Turner, which document the Great Fire of London.



Year 4 Art inspired by Orla Kiely

The year 4 children have been working on printing as part of their art unit. They used designs by Orla Kiely to inspire their own final products. The children created tiles that they then used to print positive and negative images of the same design. To create their final effect they repeated the prints across their canvas bags. We are sure that lots of parents and carers will be happy with this Christmas gift!

Year 6 Fairground rides

In Design and Technology the children have been making their own fairground rides. The children have focussed on moving and stationary parts. The particular focus was on rotation and how the children could create this using an electrical motor. The children are extremely proud of their final outcomes.

Year 3 Autumn 2

Year 3 have had lots of fun during the Autumn term. We have captured a few of their experiences in the gallery below. The children have been tasting and baking their own bread in Design & Technology. They also learnt about measure in maths and weighed out packs of reindeer food ready for Christmas. In Science the children have been doing a longitudinal study on plants, this half term they dissected the plants into their individual parts.

Year 5 Virtual artist visit

During the Autumn term Year 5 were lucky enough to be joined by Claire Heffron on Microsoft teams for a virtual tutorial. The Children were inspired by Claire's water colour animal portraits. They used the day to first imitate Claire's parrot design and then applied the skills they had learnt to their own animal portraits. At the end of the day the children were able to share their art via teams with Claire, who was very impressed!


Year R 'We Are Artists'

Our wonderful Giraffe and Tiger class pupils have been amazing us with their beautiful artwork, with colours inspired by their class animals.

Year 6 Artist visit

Year 6 were lucky enough to work with a local artist named Darrell Wakelam for the day. The children drew inspiration from the book 'Animals of the North' which features Dieter Braun’s drawings. They used this inspiration to create 3D wolf masks using card, tissue paper and paint. We think the children have created some fantastic final pieces!


Year 2 - Mixed unit

Year 2 started the year studying the book 'Mixed', a story all about colours who live separately until they realise being an inclusive community is important. Then they looked at 'The Colour Monster' thinking about personifying emotions into actions and descriptive sentences for poetry.


Year 4 Chocolate unit

 Year 4 have been working hard during the Autumn term on a unit focussing on chocolate. The children were inspied by a visit from a chocolatier who gave them oppurtunties to create their oen chocolate pizzas. Once the children had experienced this they started their research into different bars and how their packaging is created. The children designed their own choloate bars in DT, created the wrappers and then in english worte an advert to go with it. After this had all been created the children then wrote sales pitches, presented them to their classes and voted for a top five to present at 'Dragons Den', where two lucky candidates were choosen to create their chocolate bars this half term! Watch this space for the final product. 

 Year 1 Circus unit

In Autumn term, Year 1 were visited by a circus performer, Jeb the Jester. We spent the day learning circus tricks, working on our resilience and collaboration. Then they studied circus inspired art by Daniel Heath. Working carefully to evaluate their printing skills, they created their own circus inspired printing blocks, with the final pieces used together to create our own big top!

Year 5 Toy Inventions

During the Autumn term Year 5 had the oppurtunity to create CAMs models. The children thought about their target audience in order to design a toy that would suit them. The children really enjoyed creating their final piece and we think they did an excellent job!