Northern Federation

Our School Day

Due to COVID-19 adjustments have been made to stagger our school day to reduce the amount of people arriving onsite at any one time. This information has been shared directly with parents and is available on our Covid measures page. Please contact the school office if you are unsure of your child's start and end times. Parents are no longer able to enter the infant school building at drop off. Teachers will be available at the classroom doors or gates to speak to parents.


Infant School

All doors are opened at 8.45am by the teachers, greeting parents and welcoming in the children.

All children must be in school for registration at 8.55am.

At 3.20pm children leave from their classroom doors (supervised by staff) unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance.

Junior School

All doors are opened at 8.40am by teachers. A member of staff will be present on the playground and quiet area from this time. 

All children must be in school for registration at 8.50am.

At 3.15pm children leave via the quiet area to the main gate or Redbarn gate (supervised by staff). Parents are encouraged to wait outside the gate to support children's developing independence, but they are welcome to wait in the quiet area if this is more appropriate for their child.