Northern Federation

Our School

Everyone at Northern Federation is very proud of our school. We are a two form entry infant and junior school and our belief is “Two schools, One family”. 

We are ambitious for all of our children and this is reflected in our vision, which uses the phrase ‘Believe, Succeed, Achieve'. Everyone at the school works hard to ensure that all our children love learning by creating topics which excite and engage the children. We also make sure our children have the skills needed to read, write, calculate with numbers, and use current technology, as these are important skills needed to succeed on the journey through education. This will enable them to become adults who can achieve well in an ever changing world.

We want our children to know about the world, its people, history and traditions and we want them to embrace the future by being confident, independent learners who have the resilience to take on new challenges. Our caring, committed and hardworking staff are dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable children to enjoy learning and build good foundations for a successful future.

We are a fully inclusive school where we believe in meeting the needs of all of the children, whether that involves challenging a child because they have shown advanced skills in a particular area or supporting a child because they are finding an area of learning difficult. The school really is alive with excitement and enthusiastic learners, but ‘seeing is believing’ so please do come along and visit; the children and staff love welcoming visitors and showing them how fantastic our school is. There is a great atmosphere of hard work, enthusiasm for learning and fun every day, so any day is a good day for a visit.

Mr Bailey

Executive Headteacher