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Year 6 2020 - 21 Leavers

This year has been very different to years before but we have still been able to enjoy some end of year events with our year 6 children. Below are a few we would like to share with parents and carers. We wish all of our Year 6 children the best of luck as they move on to secondary school!

Year 6 Production

With special thanks to Mrs Phillips, who collected costumes, made sets, directed, cast and filmed the entire production. Without Mrs Phillips work it would not have been possible to produce our end of year musical. We would also like to thank the children for their patience and hard work, with very limited rehearsal the children have managed to put together what we believe to be a very entertaining show. We hope you enjoy it. 


Year 6 Production outtakes

Filming the production brought a whole new host of challenges this year but we all had a great time learning from it. Below is a short compilation of some of our outtakes. 


Year 6 Leavers assembly

We present to you our Leavers assembly in the form of a video this year. With special thanks to the children for creating so many amazing memories and the Year 6 team for putting these together into a short video for you all to enjoy. We would also like to thank Mrs J for her technical work on putting each individual clip into this video.